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Family Day Care Benefits To Local Families

The Family Day Care benefits

Kids Village Family Day Care delivers countless benefits to local families. Here is a look at some of Family Day Care benefits:

Ideal learning Environment : Children enjoy a familiar, secure and flexible education and care environment, promoting highly effective learning and social development.

School Readiness : A personalised service to families in meeting their child’s transition to school needs, including life skills education and building/monitoring skills in the areas of physical, social, emotional, creative, language and cognitive.

Shared learning Environment : A play session facility where Educators meet at a common venue with the children in their care on a regular basis to experience a larger-scale shared learning environment which advocates greater social and emotional development through the engagement with non-familiar children. Children socialise and interact with a larger group of children while participating in stimulating play activities led by a trained facilitator.

Additional needs : The Educator-to-child ratio enables Educators to support children with additional needs, such as speech and occupational therapy.

Extended Hours Care : Some Educators are now offering evening, weekend and overnight care of children, in addition to their regular hours.

Vacation Care and Before & After School Care : Some Educators also offer a Vacation Care and Before & After School Care service for primary school aged children.

Educator Qualifications

As a minimum, all of Family Day Care Educators are:

  • Actively working towards or have completed a Certificate III in Children’s Services.
  • Fully insured.
  • Have a current first aid certificate.
  • Maintain a safe childcare environment.
  • Pass mandatory working with children checks.
  • Undergo ongoing training to ensure their skills remain among the industry’s best.

Many of our Educators have qualifications above and beyond these mandatory standards.

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Enquiries can be directed to Kids Village Family Day Care on 02 87981381 or 02 97210074