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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do families find an Educator
Families will contact Kids Village Family Day Care (FDC) coordination unit on 9721 0074 or 8798 1381, to ask for available educators in a suburb the parent prefer. Families will be given choices, and will be able to look at their Day Care before enrolling their child in.

2. What happens if my educator is sick or on leave?
In the event that an educator is sick or on leave, the coordination unit where possible will make alternate arrangements to provide care with other educators if required.

3. How much does Family Day Care cost?
Kids Village FDC charges $7.00 an hour per child.

4. Can I get Government assistance with costs?
Yes, Government assistance can be offered with the approval of Centrelink, While, if the Families are entitled for Childcare Benefit and Childcare Rebate.

5. Is there a waiting list to enroll my children?

Usually if Educators are full, there will be a waiting list for children, until Educators have available places for a children.

6. What should I bring for my child in care?

  • A hat with a brim
  • Meals
  • Spare clothing
  • Disposable nappies (if required)
  • A water bottle
  • Jumper or coat (on a cold day)

All children’s belonging are to be labelled clearly with the child’s full name on it.

7. What are the minimum hours I cant put my child/ren in care.
Parents can put their child/ren in care for a minimum of 10 hours per day.

8. What are the educator to child ratio in family day care
Under the Regulations Family day care based services ratio is:
1:7 with no more than Four children, preschool age or under, including educators own children Younger than 13 years of age at the residence.

9. Why choose Kids Village Family Day Care?
Kids Village FDC staff strive to ensure, a quality education for your child and a safe environment for your child to be in. While, With the coordination unit and Educators coming together Kids Village FDC will work with the family of the child/ren to ensure the best quality care your child/ren can get.

10. What should I do if I have a question regarding my educator?
Kids Village FDC encourages parents to raise any questions they have with the Educator first, then speak to the Manger or the Coordination unit. While, Kids Village is always open for feedback.