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Why Kids Village FDC ?

Kids Village Quality Child Care offers:

  • Quality Child care provided in a home-like environment
  • Minimum Qualification Certificate 3 by Dec 2013 (many currently hold this)
  • Some FDC Educators have Diploma /Bachelor of Education
  • Small group setting maximizes individual attention to children
  • Affordable and flexible child care
  • Government subsidized fees. Families utilizing Kids Village Family Day Care may be eligible for child care benefits
  • Catering for out of business hours and shift workers
  • Support, resources and advice from qualified Kids Village FDC Early Childhood staff
  • Individually planned children’s programs, experiences and/or outings
  • Relaxed and low-stress environment for children
  • Playgroup sessions for children and educators attend

Kids Village Family Day Care provides:

  • Homely environment for quality child care.
  • Small groups division efficient for individual attention to the children.
  • Qualified Educators with minimum qualification of Certificate 3.
  • Some educators with Diploma/ Bachelor in Education..
  • Child care of your budget and time.
  • Fees are Government subsidized. FDC clients may claim child care benefits.
  • Catering service for all hours and shift workers
  • Guidance, Advices and Support with resources.
  • IPrograms, experiences, outings are planned individually.
  • Cozy and playful environment for kids.
  • Sessions for playgroup attended by educators.